The LEONESSA fruit butters  are made with hand–harvested fruits and our traditional family recipe. With our special formulation, you will recognize the unique fruity taste, thick consistency and rich color. The difference never smelled this good, never tasted this true.


The Leonessa Fruit Butters are going to be your new addiction at your Breakfast tables. You can experience the Mediterranean Food Celebration every morning with the natural Leonessa Fruit Butters, fruit by fruit, step by step to a healthier and a more colorful life. With the very natural colors and flavors the LEONESSA Butters  are going to be your favorite dressings on your mother’s secret recipe cakes, and LEONESSA will be your secret! Try our mouthwatering  FIG&CRUNCHY HAZELNUT BUTTER , APRICOT &CRUNCHY HAZELNUT BUTTER, CARROT &CRUNCHY HAZELNUT BUTTER, QUINCE &CRUNCHY HAZLNUT BUTTER  on hot toast, goat cheese, croissants and pancakes as well. Prepare any dessert with these mouthwatering fruit butters  and turn your meals into a Mediterranean Feast.


With the LEONESSA FRUIT BUTTERS  you can prettify your desserts, upgrade your breakfasts, sweeten your snacks and feed your sweet tooth in the healthiest way possible. We assure you that the LEONESSA  Frıit Butters  will be a first class ticket for the most delicious trip of your life.


The LEONESSA  Fruit Butter  is the best you can serve!