Beside our existing ready products, natural LEONESSA Vegetable prouducts are now giving you food-lovers the opportunity to prepare your own dishes, exactly whatever you want. All are naturally grown, picked carefully and prepared by the highest technology not to lose even the smallest characteristics of the vegetables, so that the maximum freshness can be provided for you. We grant you these all natural flavors to let you make any food you crave in the easiest way.


Enjoy our Roasted Red Peppers alone or inside your favorite sandwich, and top it all with our amazing collection of wine jellies used alongside gourmet cheese, inside pasta dishes or casseroles. Sprinkle our wild Capers over salads, smoked salmon or use as one of the major ingredients of your sauces for meats. Enjoy the aromatic fresh sundried tomatoes in naturally pressed extra virgin olive oil, as a side dish to your meats, fish or over salads or inside your favorite sandwiches.


Explore these authentic aromas for a new and unique taste. Create a wonderful blend of the old and new; the traditional recipes using the highest and the safest manufacturing technology. Prepare any dish with these mouthwatering vegetables and turn your meals into a Mediterranean Feast. We assure you that the LEONESSA Vegetables will be a first class ticket for the most delicious trip of your life.

Live the Leonessa way, Live Mediterranean!