Food-lovers everywhere are spicing up their palate with these delicious Mediterranean Gourmet foods. LEONESSA signature Gourmet Foods are created from traditional recipes, prepared with the highest quality ingredients that are fused together under the care and guidance of a master chef.

LEONESSA  exquisite line of  Tapenades  includes four flavors of rich  toppings; Sundried Tomatoes Tapenade, Roasted Eggplant Tapenade, Green Olives Tapenade, Mixed Olives  Tapenade.

All of  LEONESSA TAPENADE  products are ready to spread on toast and crackers, to serve on their own or even combined with fish, meat and fresh pata.

Start any meal with these amazing  appetizers  that turn it into a true Mediterranean celebration. Explore these authentic  aromas over meats and fish for a new and unique taste. All create a wonderful blend of the old and new; traditional recipes using the highest & safest manufacturing technology.

Live the LEONESSA  way, Live Mediterranean!